Welcome to the website of Cambridge Ultimate, or CUlt for short. We like playing ultimate and compete in both open and mixed competitions in the UK and abroad. We were founded in 2012 having spent our previous years competing under the same name as the Cambridge University student team, which often led to some confusion among those outside of the bubble.

We are proud to retain a very close relationship with the Cambridge University student team Strange Blue. As such, there is a great deal of overlap between the two teams, both in their constituent players and through the organisation of our practices. If the structure of Ultimate in Cambridge is a little confusing, you can consult this handy guide and this explanation which also covers the UK Ultimate scene.

The club captains form part of the executive committee formed of both student and non-student representatives which oversees and organises Ultimate in Cambridge.

If you’re a seasoned veteran who’s recently moved to the area, or a beginner who’s looking to try a new sport, why not get involved?

3 thoughts on “About

  1. chris mance

    Hi CULT, I’m in the area for a couple of weeks, and keen to join you guys for a game or two. Played with the Cambridge team in the late 1980s, yes 80s….but just can’t give up up :). I saw you had a session planned for Sat (I’m out of town Sunday).
    Thanks heaps,


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